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The Cluster’s Members:

Centrul de Chimie Organică ”C.D. Nenițescu” al Academiei Române

Headquarters: Bucharest, 202B, Splaiul Independentei, district 6, www.ccocdn.ro,

Legal representative and contact person: Dr. Ing. Petru Filip (phone 021-3167900).

Description: Part of the research structure of the Romanian Academy, Center for Organic Chemistry “C. D. Neniţescu “is performing the research-development in organic chemistry, coming from the former Institute of Chemical Research of Bucharest. Benefiting of a team of specialists with long experience in applied chemical research supported by a modern infrastructure and a significant portfolio of projects and themes for innovative research in partnership with SME, the Center of Organic Chemistry is a promoter of entrepreneurial initiative, which brings a specific and particular innovation to bio-economy, in line with the current market trends and of modern society.


Camera de Comerț și Industrie Brașov – Reprezentanța Făgăraș

Headquarters: Fagaras, 1, D. Stanca str., ground floor, Braşov county, www.ccibv.ro/despre-noi/ reprezentanta-fagaras,

Legal representative and contact person: Mr. Gabriel Vaju (mobile 0722398636).

Description: Established in 1992 as the first entity of Chambers of Commerce in Romania who works in another locality than the county residence, the representative Fagaras is an active player involved in creating, developing and maintaining a modern and flexible business environment, in line with economic and social environment novelties and which catalyzes the innovative local entrepreneurial initiatives. The Representation has particular expertise in the training of labor force, related to current labor market needs and it has the requested infrastructure for this. Also, by helping SMEs and individual entrepreneurs in developing and implementing the projects financed from European funds, the Representation can offer an important contribution to the implementation of cluster innovative ideas.


Societatea Natural Ingredients R&D S.R.L. Făgăraș

Headquarters: Făgăraș, 10/1, Tăbăcari str., Brasov county, www.naturalingredientsrd.eu,

Legal representative: Mrs. Carmen Aurelia Bârzan (mobile 0785119949),

Contact person: Mr. Petru Antin Bârzan (mobile 0732442957).

Description: Established in 2011, the company carries out R&D activities in the field of innovative technologies for the manufacture of aromachemicals based on natural herbs and wild flora. The company also is a skilled partner in developing professional R&D&I projects, implemented in collaboration with research units in Romania or into transnational programs.


Societatea Agricola Medicinale 2002 S.R.L. Sâmbăta de Sus

Headquarters: 588, Sâmbăta de Sus Street, Brasov county, www.simbio.ro,

Legal representative and Contact person: Mr. Lucian Săvoiu (mobile 0799876765).

Description: The company is engaged in the collection and the recovery of medicinal and aromatic plants, both spontaneously environment and its own certified organic crops, with the objective of adding value to products through the application of innovative technologies for processing environmentally friendly.


Societatea Andronic Company S.R.L. Sâmbăta de Sus

Headquarters: 560, Sâmbăta de Sus, Brasov county

Legal representative and Contact person: Mrs. Anca Laura Andronic (mobile 0747838725).

Description: The company has extensive experience in trading flowers and landscaping, as well as growing flowers and aromatic herbs.


Asociația ”Păstrăvarii Făgărașului”

Headquarters: Făgăraș, 1, D. Stanca Street, ground floor, Brasov county, www.pastravariifagarasului.ro

Legal representative and Contact person: Mr. Dragoș Vâju (mobile 0744313634)

Description: The Association was established in 2013 as a local action group aquaculture (FLAG) and brings together local authorities (11 municipalities) and private fishing farms, specialized in raising trout in the north of the Fagaras Mountains. Through its experience in financing activities of its members through a multifiles project of the Fishing Operational Programme 2007 – 2013, the Association represents a useful member towards integrated projects that cluster can perform and it is an experienced actor in implementing technologies concerning the trout growth, in terms of ensuring biodiversity conservation and natural microclimate for it.


Societatea Bauhaus Arhi S.R.L. Brașov

Headquarters: Village of Sâmpetru, 500, Cărămizilor Street, Brasov county,

Legal representative and Contact person: Mr. Horia Mihai Popescu (mobile 0729966000)

Description: The company has a core group of designers specialized in industrial projects on valorization of renewable energies (wind, photovoltaics) and specific industrial design objectives (production halls, warehouses, farms).


Societatea Calistar S.R.L. Brașov

Headquarters: Brașov, 91, Street of Bisericii Române, Brasov county, www.sfmt.ro

Legal representative and Contact person: Mrs. Diana Foriș (mobile 0732567846).

Description: The company benefits from the experience of a particular group of experts for recruitment and selection of personnel and training for it. Also, its portfolio includes consulting activities and business management, the successful implementation of a project training transregional, setting up an industrial park and a business incubator – a specific experience, useful in projects to be developed through cluster.


Societatea Custosolar S.R.L. București

Headquarters: Brașov, 4, Nicolae Titulescu Street, Brasov county

Legal representative and Contact person: Mr. Eduard Wiland Mueller (mobile 0725559700, em@custosolar.eu)

Description: As the representative in Romania of the German group Custosolar, the company promotes efficient energetic products and innovative technologies for producing renewable energy, offering integrated systems for it, including planning and detailed design, turning on and distribution. The company has a large experience to manage complex projects, from initial analysis to service and maintenance.


Societatea Gaz Energy Ecotherm S.A. Făgăraș

Headquaters: Brașov, 4, Nicolae Titulescu Street, Brașov county, www.gas-energy-ecotherm.ro,

Legal representative: Mr. Eduard Wiland Mueller (mobile 0725559700),

Contact person: Mr. Relu Viorel Mititelu (mobile 0725559705).

Description: The company’s main objective is efficient and responsible use of energy resources, and is an important provider of heat and electricity from a cogeneration plant of high efficiency, by an environmentally friendly process, that enables increased productivity in exploiting energy, in compliance with the environment protection and preservation regulations.


Societatea Green Led S.R.L. Brașov

Headquaters: Brașov, 4, Nicolae Titulescu Street, Brașov county, www.gas-energy-ecotherm.ro,

Legal representative: Mr. Eduard Wiland Mueller (mobile 0725559700),

Contact person: Mrs. Andreea Ionescu (mobile 0725559706).

Description: Named by its products quality and performance, the company is a promoter of confidence measures for environmental protection, by efficient use of electricity, and an experienced partner for applying innovative technologies for the manufacture of lighting elements.


Institutul de Cercetări pentru Instrumentație Analitică Cluj Napoca

Headquarters: Cluj Napoca, 67, Donath Street, Cluj county, www.icia.ro,

Legal representative: Mr. Mircea Chintoanu (mobile 0744534420),

Contact person: Mrs. Emilia Gîlcă (mobile 0749109541).

Description: The Institute is a multi-disciplinary applied research center, with large experience on agriculture/nutrition, environmental protection and health, clean technologies, bioenergy, biomass and advanced materials, with various applications (nanomaterials, nanocomposites, environmentally friendly materials for construction) and certified of chemical analysis services and evaluation. The Institute is directly involved in supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs through Technology Transfer Center CENTI-ICIA and the project portfolio shows it as a dynamic partner in innovative applied research, as basis of development activities of cluster members.


Societatea Medisan 2010 S.R.L. Mediaș

Headquarters: Mediaș, 8, Carpați Street, Sibiu county, www.medisan2010.ro,

Legal representative and Contact person: Mr. Olimpiu Blăjan (phone no. 0269841200).

Description: Established by research results transfer from an applied research institute to an SME (through a START-UP programme), the company is an important pillar of the cluster, in terms of their expertise in translating to concrete practice of the chain research-production and it is a model of good practice for creating innovative SMEs, through technology transfer from the R&D&I units to industrial companies and their dynamic business areas.


Societatea New International SRL București

Headquarters: București, 96, Subcetate Street, district 1,

Legal representative and Contact person: Mrs. Lucia Negoiță (mobile 0744545544).

Description: With an experience of over 20 years in the marketing of fragrances, essential oils, flavorings and natural extracts, the company brings significant support to cluster members in achieving the objectives of economic performance, by access especially in the niche areas of the European market, which can exploit the natural products with high added value.


Societatea Nutraceutical SRL Săcele

Headquarters: Săcele, 178, Gheorghe Moroianu Ave, Brașov county,

Legal representative and Contact person:  Mr. Dumitru Lazurcă (mobile 0744378704).

Description: Established in 2000, the company is an active SME in research of aromatic herbs, with specific applications in developing innovative technologies for the manufacture of extracts and concentrates of active ingredients and producing herbal teas. Also, by research contracts and partnerships with research units in Romania and the EU, the company represents an useful partner of the cluster, its implemented projects being examples of good practices for other members.


Societatea Pro Air Clean Ecologic SA Timișoara

Headquarters: Timișoara, 6B, Sulina Street, Timiș county, www.proairclean.ro,

Legal representative: Mr. Nicolae Strâmbeanu (phone no. 0256306018),

Contact person: Mr. Gheorghe Dumitru (mobile 0756098576).

Description: The company has the infrastructure and a special experience on waste management, having one of the most modern plants in Europe and using the best available techniques for incineration of a highly wide variety of wastes (including hazardous) and a highly efficient purification technology for wastewater treatment and burning gases. Moreover, the company has an accredited laboratory for evaluation of wastes and of the environmental factors and has a particular expertise in the recycling and recovery of byproducts and industrial waste, by application of innovative technologies with reduced environmental impact.


Societatea Regiu Plant SRL Sfântu Gheorghe

Headquarters: Sfantu Gheorghe, 7, Vasile Goldis, Covasna county,

Legal representative and contact person: Mr. Radu Ionescu (mobile 0730120450),

Description: The company is specialized in collecting and primary processing of medicinal herbs and of the fruits of wild flora, having a certification and the needed infrastructure to obtain quality product with highly content of active principles.


Asociația Producătorilor și Procesatorilor de Plante Medicinale și Aromatice din România (ROPAM)

Description: The Association represents the interest of producers and processing companies of medicinal herbs, promoting its members into projects to bring added value to the members’ products. As a member of the European profile association – Europam and by its participation in a couple of transnational projects on medicinal herbs, the Association is offering to the cluster, several channels of dissemination of information and projects for highly valorisation of the raw materials from wild flora.


Societatea Snailbox SRL Râușor

Headquarters: Village Rausor, Mandra, Brasov county,

Legal representative and contact person: Mr. David Lucian Comaniciu (mobile 0764425513),

Description: The company is specialized in selection and improvement of varieties of herbs, having experience in assessment of content of active principles of herbs and in the in-vitro multiplication technique, for preservation of the qualitative features of the propagating material, which fits into agriculture crops needs.


Societatea Style Advertising SRL Făgăraș

Headquarters: Fagaras, 15, D. Stanca Street, Brasov county, www.stylepublicitate.ro

Legal representative and contact person: Mr. Alexandru Szasz (mobile 0728141200)

Description: Having a 12-years experience in advertising, the company has a large client portfolio, to confirm expertise and skills of its personnel, by finding the most appropriate message for a product and to create its most adecquate image and brand for a market succes.

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